Monday, December 29, 2014

My Resolution to be more assertive next year. But not TOO assertive. Just a little assertive. Not necessarily more assertive than I am now.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Baby? Baby? SECOND baby? SECOND baby?

Some folks out there might be wondering--
"Will Chong and Vo ever have a baby? In the cartoon, I mean?"

Sadly, my answer is "not at this time." Here are two reasons:

1. Cartoon Babies

A cartoon baby in the style of this cartoon is just terribly flat. Yes, Chong and Vo are also flat, and they don't really resemble any particular person, but their actions define their personalities. Baby in real life is a precious angel--cartoon baby is a flat circle, and babies actions do not define much of anything yet. Except POOP, which gets old.


Maybe someone else would find it funny. Maybe I'll find it funny a few years from now. But emotionally, I'm going from heavenly bliss to furious hellfire. You see, we're living with grandma now. I mean, you know I love her, but friends from various cultures confirm that this is a hairy situation no matter what. Ideally, I'd say these first precious weeks should be about mom and dad bonding with baby, learning little things like how to hold her, a little harmless experimenting and an occassional innocuous whoopsie. But having that finger in my face is just too much. And we're all so exhausted that I can no longer speak Vietnamese and she can no longer speak English. No one really has any idea what to do and everyone's forcing their wrong opinions. A cartoon that ends up with baby being snatched out of daddy's arms and daddy being screamed at for trying to kill baby might be pretty funny, but in real life it's just too hard to handle. For now. Sorry. And sorry Dr. Karp, I'm sure that method works under normal situations.

So, just as the Simpsons kids never move up to the next grade, people will always be asking Chong and Vo "baby? baby? baby?"

Monday, December 15, 2014