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Yikes, suddenly more people are viewing my cartoons than the population of Cần Giờ. Gulp.

Well, hello everyone! Most people know me from my facebook page, which is titled Mallowman. So you may be wondering, "What is Mallowman?"

When I created the Mallowman facebook page, I was still working on the fringe of the dying animation industry, trying to invent an Animation Blog. This video pretty much describes it:

But then this happened:

And then, I made cartoons based on my interactions with other Western Husbands with Vietnamese Wives (yes, there are clubs) which eventually became a book.

But I couldn't stop there, so I have been putting up cartoons on this blog ever since. They are made for a very specific audience so no doubt misunderstandings will happen. Still, remember that I love my wife, Vietnamese and Vietnam, in some ways more than my own culture, and I hope you have fun and enjoy.

Your new friend, DAvid

Updates: 3/28/2014:  Kindle version of book 1 is now LIVE!


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  1. Your comics are hilarious! You should share them on Reddit :-)